Meet the team

two babies eating on a picnic rug

Meet Theo and Finley.

These guys are our Weanee taste testers and they test all our recipes and products.

They met when they were just 6 weeks old and have been throwing food at each other ever since.

Finley belongs to Claire and enjoys riding his tractor, hanging out on the farm and cooking in his mini kitchen.

Theo belongs to Lucy and loves roaring like a dinosaur, being tipped upside down and eating anything he can get his hands on.

We’re two mums who can’t cook but we’re having a whale of a time trying.

Lucy is a professional photographer who loves dinosaurs (especially skeletal ones) anything Halloweeny and the warmth of a good brew.

Claire is a primary school teacher who loves the crafty fun stuff about teaching, Pinteresting the hell out of interior design and   drinking whisky.

We combined our skills to form The Happy Weaner in August 2016.

We met through a mutual friend when the boys were brand new and we’ve kept each other sane ever since….

Well, as sane as sleep deprived,
overthinking, first time mums can be.