5 Top Tips for Teething – Featuring Matchstick Monkey

If feels like the boys have been teething forever! Most children have a full twenty teeth by the time they’re three but getting there can be painful. We’re sharing our 5 top tips for teething – featuring Matchstick Monkey.


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Fathers day pie with shortcuts!!!

The way to a Daddy’s heart is through his belly

If you’ve left it too late to do a personalised pressie for Fathers Day on Sunday fear not my friends, you can make him a personalised Fathers day pie!!!!

What’s not to love?

This recipe has lots of shortcuts too and a kitchen hack to reduce the amount of washing up. Brucey Bonus!!!

You could make this Fathers day pie for Daddy, your own dad or anyone else who has been a fatherly figure in your life. In fact, as this pie can be enjoyed by anyone from 6 months plus, everyone can get involved.

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Fathers day pie with shortcuts
fathers day pie recipe with shortcuts from the happy weaner

A Tribute to Manchester – Manchester Tart


And we wouldn’t mind a slice of Manchester tart either.


manchester tart recipe from the happy weaner

We were heartbroken by the events that happened in our home town last week and yet immensely proud of how Manchester responded. There was only one recipe we wanted to do this week and that was Manchester Tart!

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Going to our first conference!!!! EEEEKKKK!!!!

To say we’re giddy is an understatement! We’re positively BUZZIN’ / nervous about being total novices.  We were asked to answer some icebreaker questions before the big day so if you would like to know the answer to burning questions such as ‘What we’d send into space’ (or ‘who’ should I say) and what Claire can fit up her nose then…

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Egg Fried Rice

egg fried rice the happy weaner recipe Yum yum yum!
If you have left over rice and a hungry little one, this is the recipe for you. It’s a favourite in our house as it only takes 5 minutes and is CRAZY easy!!!


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Strawberry Food Hack



We hate waste here at The Happy Weaner, especially if it’s of yummy food! So, here’s a video for how to get the most strawberry from your strawberry. Shooting the core out of the straw was also a big hit with bigger kids too!

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Toddler Friendly, Chocolate Free, Easter Fun!

easter crafts

Look at all these Easter goodies! And not a chocolate egg in sight! We went LIVE this week to show you all the crafts and treats you can make with your little ones…

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Hot Cross Muffins

tulips and hot cross bunsHOT CROSS MUFFINS

There are lots of foods I associate with Easter, one being the iconic hot cross bun and with the Easter weekend fast approaching you may want to give your little one a treat.


Home is where the hummus is!

hummus and dip



With the clocks going forward and the weather treating us to a couple of days of sunshine last week, we got a little over excited about the prospect of picnics and our minds quickly turned to HUMMUS!!!! (it doesn’t take much)

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A mothers day treat

Hand up if you like Nutella! Hand up if you like Ferrero Rocher! Hand up if you like cheesecake! Well, if you have all three hands up (haha) then this is a recipe not to miss!

Now we know that the things we REALLY want for Mother’s Day cannot be bought with money e.g. For our little cherubs to sleep through the night, for them to sleep in past 8am, for a laundry fairy to do the mountains of washing for us. However, one thing money can buy is ingredients for this AWESOME cheesecake!!!!

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