10 Finger Food ideas

finger food ideas

10 finger food ideas

This one’s for Kirsten who requested some finger food ideas. Now, like we were, she’s a bit nervous about giving more solid foods to her little’un and I think a lot of people will be able to relate to this too.

In fact, one of our first posts on Facebook was this picture.

When we transitioned from milk to food I felt like my heart was literally in my mouth. I had read up on baby led weaning and imagined the little man would be chopping on a chicken leg at 6 months old but in reality I was a nervous wreck!….Anyone else???

It’s our protective nature kicking in. The truth is the kids will be fine as long as we choose the right time and the right size foods to give them. So, we’ve come up with 10 finger food ideas with a little help from some fellow food bloggers.

10 Finger Food Ideas

  1. Sweet Potato Soft Bites

    I eased myself in with the humble sweet potato. The consistency is perfect as they’re a little mushy and depending on how you cook it, their size is perfect for little hands to grasp.
    Our three in one recipe video can be found here.

  2. Baked Apple and Pear Slices

    This one was sent in by Then I became Mum and you can find the recipe here.

  3. Banana Muffin

    This easy to follow recipe was sent in by Mummy to Logan and the recipe is here.

  4. Yogurt Melts

    These little things are also fab for teething little ones and was sent to us by Tiny Taste Budz. Here’s the link.

  5. Banana, avocado and apple muffins.

    Muffins are a popular finger food to give and this one was sent to us by My Fussy Eater. The recipe can be found here.

  6. Frittata Fingers

    The name of these lends themselves to a perfect finger food. The recipe can be found here.

  7. Sugar Free Flapjacks

    These look really handy for a picnic or to have in the change bag if you’re out and about. They were sent in by My Fussy Eater and the recipe can be found here.

  8. Porridge Bites

    These would be great for an on the go breakfast idea! They were sent in by the Baby Led Blog. You can find the recipe here.

  9. Rainbow Vegetable Savoury Muffins

    They look so colourful and I’m sure you can tempt a toddler into eating these by telling them that they’re eating the rainbow. This was sent into us by Eats Amazing and the recipe is here.

  10. Marigold Treats

    This is a bit of a different one to finish on. The little ones could get involved in picking the flowers for this recipe. It was sent in by Planting Goodness and you can find the recipe here.

Hopefully you’ll find something there to ease you in and once they get the hang of it it gives you some hands free time which is always a winner!!!

Let us know how you get on and which recipe was your favourite.

Happy Weaning Weaners!!!

And because you’re worth it, here are some more recipe ideas.