Strawberry Food Hack



We hate waste here at The Happy Weaner, especially if it’s of yummy food! So, here’s a video for how to get the most strawberry from your strawberry. Shooting the core out of the straw was also a big hit with bigger kids too!

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Hot Cross Muffins


There are lots of foods I associate with Easter, one being the iconic hot cross bun and with the Easter weekend fast approaching you may want to give your little one a treat.


Home is where the hummus is!

hummus and dip



With the clocks going forward and the weather treating us to a couple of days of sunshine last week, we got a little over excited about the prospect of picnics and our minds quickly turned to HUMMUS!!!! (it doesn’t take much)

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A mothers day treat

Hand up if you like Nutella! Hand up if you like Ferrero Rocher! Hand up if you like cheesecake! Well, if you have all three hands up (haha) then this is a recipe not to miss!

Now we know that the things we REALLY want for Mother’s Day cannot be bought with money e.g. For our little cherubs to sleep through the night, for them to sleep in past 8am, for a laundry fairy to do the mountains of washing for us. However, one thing money can buy is ingredients for this AWESOME cheesecake!!!!

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It’s St Patrick’s day!

Potato Cakes

There once was a woman named Claire,

Who’s cupboards were terribly bare.

In just half an hour,

With eggs, spuds, milk and flour.

She whipped up some Boxty to share!

We’re feeling very green here at The Happy Weaner, with Irish grandparents on both Finley and Theo’s side of The Happy Weaner families, we thought we’d celebrate, with an old favourite, you guessed it, Boxty. Or for those of us out there without an Irish Nana to feed them to you the humble potato cake.

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irish boxty, potato cakes

DIY Cardboard House

DIY Cardboard House

This week we took a break from filming recipes and decided to film our first post for our shenanigans section of the blog. ‘How to build a cardboard house’.

Finley has had hours of fun in his little house. It’s moved from room to room and changed its appearance more times than Lady Gaga. We’ve dressed it for winter with fake snow and a holly wreath on the door and we’ve got grand plans for summer with a window box. It currently needs a spring clean as it’s also a fantastic place to shove the toys if you get an unexpected visitor. Find out how here…

Pancake flip off!

We’ve only been flipping flippin’ pancakes!

Last night in our LIVE pancake prep we showed you a simple pancake recipe and then finished it with a tense flip off!

We got out our best double chins for this photo and flipped for our lives. Find out who won here

Two ladies flipping pancakes

Tommee Tippee review

Tommee has our backs guys! We were lucky enough to be sent a feeding essentials haul from Tommee Tippee, nearly all of these items have been designed to create as least mess as possible, which is always a winner in our eyes. The design of all of these items really stood out, it was clear someone really understands what kids and parents need…

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tommy tippee 360 cup

Love is in the air!

It must be LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! (That’s what I tell myself when I’m changing the nappies.)

There are so many songs with love in their title and there are so many ways to show your little one just how much you love them this Valentines Day.

We’ve put together 3 valentines meals that you can serve to the apples of your eye.

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