Reduced sugar JAMS

What a time to be sent some jam!

With Pancake Day on Tuesday and Valentines Day on Wednesday, it was the perfect time to be sent some reduced sugar jams and sauces from an old school friend of mine.

Fearne and Rosie

The range includes jams, both with juicy bits and smooth, and tomato ketchup. They’re handmade in that there sunny Yorkshire, one of my favourite places in the UK. The reduced sugar range is inspired by my friends little girls….you guessed it, Fearne and Rosie.

Reduced sugar jams and sauces
Fearne and Rosie – Reduced Sugar Jams and Sauces

pancakes love jam

The recipe I always follow for a basic pancake mix can be found here

Love heart pancakes with blackcurrant jam

We spread some of the super smooth blackcurrant jam on today’s pancakes and added some blueberries for good measure. Needless to say they went down an absolute storm! I used a heart shaped cutter to pour the mixture into, creating the heart shaped pancakes but you could use any shaped (metal) cutter or just go for a classic shape. Either way, a  jam topping was a winner here at The Happy Weaner HQ.

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Heart shaped open sandwich. Peanut butter and reduced sugar jam

For Valentines Day I served Finley his favourite sandwich – Peanut butter and jam!!! It was served as a heart shaped open sandwich so there was plenty of finger licking required. There are lots of other ideas to treat your little ones on Valentines Day  here.

I didn’t get chance to take a picture of him eating this one as it lasted 0.5 seconds, he was however very proud to show off his empty plate.

So I think it’s safe to say that the jams get a

“Thumbs up from The Happy Weaner"

….in fact, so much so that, I have been getting Finley to help prepare his food and when we were constructing the sandwich I turned to find him licking jam straight from the jar saying “mmmmmmmmm" – True story, haha.

The jams are blooming delicious so I think they’re going to be a great addition to the kitchen.

If you’re interested in tasting the fruity goodness you can can get yours here.  Plus, 10% of the online orders go to charity, so everyone’s a winner.