Pancake Day & LIVE flip off!

We’ve only been flipping flippin’ pancakes!

Last night in our LIVE pancake prep we showed you a simple pancake recipe and then finished it with a tense flip off!

It was a heated affair, helped by Grandma Weaner behind the camera and egged on (see what we did there?!) by our viewers we flipped pancake after pancake.

Some were more successful than others (Claire may still be cleaning batter off her kitchen this morning) but there could only be one winner and it was Lucy by a mile 😉

Two ladies flipping pancakes

We had 2 volunteer viewers who stepped up to count the flips and with 64 flips to Claire’s shall we say… 30?! Lucy has proved herself as the flippin’ pro.

If you’d like to make our super easy pancakes check out the live or follow the recipe below…

•Weigh one egg, note down his weight.

•Weigh out the same amount of plain flour and the same weight of milk.

•Whisk together and add to a hot buttered pan.

•Cook till golden and then flip, flip, flip!

•Serve with your fave delicious topping or why not try writing your name in batter for your little one as a special garnish?

Why not have your own flip off tonight and let us know how you get on.