Going to BlogOn – Feeling like the new kids at school.


I speak on behalf of myself (Claire) and Lucy for this as we’re duo bloggers or as I like to think of ourselves ‘The wean, dream team’

We’re blooming giddy about attending our first blogging conference and feel a little bit like impostors as we’re so new to the blogging world. It does feel a little bit like we’re the new kids at school but I think there are a few fellow newbies so we can all hold hands and meet up at lunch time to swap stories.

A recent picture of the two of us

We don’t have oodles of pictures of us together but here’s one where we got out our best double chins…

Describe yourselves in three words

We’re creative, fun and doolally.

How long have you been blogging and what made you start?

It all started back in the summer of 2016 (man this sounds like the start of a romantic novel) …anyhooo, myself and Lucy were chatting about the minefield that is weaning your baby onto solids. We were stood around the kitchen island, Tracy, (Thunderbirds are GO!) at the time. We were laughing at our mishaps, anxiety about choking and how terrible we both were in the kitchen, The conversation then moved on and I told Lucy how I’d love to pretend to be a TV chef from behind the island. That’s when Lucy casually said…..”Let’s do it!!!!” “Let’s film weaning recipes for fellow ‘can’t cook mums’” and that’s where it all began. We’ve filmed a recipe / gone live every week since then but only began documenting it all on the blog a few months ago. The Facebook page has been going for almost a year now. Time sure flies when you’re having fun!

What was the inspiration behind your blog name?

When we were starting out with weaning we’d done the usual, joining Facebook groups and searching the internet to find support and inspiration only to find that some people can be quite forceful in their thoughts around feeling a baby (e.g. “If you use a spoon to feed your baby, even yogurt, you’re not doing authentic baby led weaning!" was one of the posts I found…..EEEEEKKKKKK!)

We wanted to lighten the mood a little and give parents options, because after all “happy parent, happy baby”. So, we decided to film our recipes in confidence levels e.g. if you’re at the stage where you want to give smoother food then you’ll want to look at the confidence level 1 recipes.

So the name came from the fact that if the parent is happy with the way they’ve chosen to wean their baby then they are a Happy Weaner, just like us.

What is the best thing to come from your blog so far?

Myself and Lucy having an absolute ball and learning new things along the way.

Your most remembered thing from your childhood?

Both of us had very happy childhoods and loved life. It’d be hard to pick one thing, so probably just the overriding feeling of happiness. How good would it be to be 5 again!!!!

Something interesting you might not know about us . . .

Lucy’s mum received a MBE last month from the Queen herself and Lucy was there to watch her mum proudly. It was for her services to children with special needs.

I, however can fit a malteaser up my nose!

Which social media platform best describes your personality and why?

Facebook for me and Instagram for Lucy.

I love the social side of Facebook, linking up with friends and family, sharing other people’s funny posts and generally being nosey.

Lucy is a professional photographer, so Instagram suits her down to the ground as she gets to share her talent and appreciate other people’s talents too.

Lets just say we’re working on our twitter game.

What is your happy song?

The music that plays in the background of all of our videos. It reminds us of sitting in the editing suite (Lucy’s spare room) for hours on end editing the videos and laughing at all the outtakes.

What is your favourite alcoholic drink

Lucy’s a lightweight and much prefers the warmth of a good brew. I on the other hand love wine, whiskey-on ice, gin, prosecco, oh you wanted just one……mmmmm……I can’t pick, you pick!

What is your favourite cake?

Lucy is a master baker and does a mean cherry cake, I love Ferrero Rocher cheesecake (recipe here if you’re drooling at the thought of it)

What is your favourite takeaway dish?

Curry and curry. If you see us at Blog On be sure to ask one of us about my recent mummy fail when it came to ordering Deliveroo for the first-time last week.

Where is your dream holiday destination and why?

Lucy’s partner is Greek so I’m guessing that would be up there for her. I have family dotted all around the world so anywhere that they are would be mine.

What would your superhero name be?

Haha, Lucy’s would be T-Rex inspired (ask her about her son’s name on Sunday) and mine would be something to do with having super positive powers that I could zap people with.

If you had a magical power, would you want to have and why?

As above for me, zapping people with positivity and I think Lucy’s would be to be invisible…she’d get up to some right mischief!

What one weapon would help you survive a zombie apocalypse?

I don’t know much about zombies…..errrmmmm a sword????

If you could send something into space, what would it be?

Donald Trump???

What would you have on your gravestone?

If we were planted together (we’re not a couple by the way, just bezzies, so this is hypothetical) but it would have to be something like.

“The loving mums who couldn’t cook for toffee but had a whale of a time trying!”

You make headline news around the world in 2 years time… but for what reason?

Lucy’s could be for writing THE BEST children’s book of all time, again ask her about this on Sunday.

Mine would be “The can’t cook mum who shocked everyone by becoming a world renowned chef” hahaha, who am I kidding.

If an EMP wiped out all mechanical forms of transport, how would you get to BlogOn?

I just had to google EMP, I’m still not sure I know what it is but I’m going to go with us taking it in turns to push each other in the pushchair.

We can’t wait for Sunday, look out for us, come and say hello and be sure to follow us on our social media hangouts as we’ll be going live throughout the day.

Happy weaning weaners.