Alternative Valentines Idea for Kids


This valentines we thought we’d share the love! Instead of doing another recipe video we decided to do a Random Act of Kindness and join the #loverocks movement.

If you haven’t heard of it yet there might even be one in your area. If you type into Instagram #loverocks or #[yourarea]rocks you’ll get the idea. Basically you paint a rock and then leave it somewhere for a stranger to find and brighten up their day.

Leaving the stones on the doorsteps

How to make your own

Basically we started by finding rocks in the garden, giving them a wash and then popping them in the oven to dry. There are lots of lovely design on instagram if you’re looking for inspiration or just paint what ever takes your fancy. If you’re leaving your rocks outside it’s best to use acrylic paint as it won’t wash away. However, be warned, cover your table and clothing as it’s a bit of a monkey to come off those things. It does wash off your hands really easily though so don’t worry. Before you leave your rock for an unsuspecting finder to discover, don’t forget to write #loverocks on the bottom with a permanent marker.

Admiring each others handy work
The finished products

We decided to leave our rocks on the doorsteps of Finley’s neighbours. (I did message them afterwards to explain but you don’t have to, the mystery is half the fun)

Searching the street for a lucky recipient
decisions, decisions

Join the fun

If you do join in this valentines don’t forget to tag us (@thehappyweaner) so we can see your rocks and like them. We’d LOVE to see them!!!!

Happy valentines Weaners!

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