Apples 3 ways


Apples are a handy, portable sphere of wonderfulness. An apple a day and all that. Well we’ve come put together 3 ways you can serve apples to your little ones.

The perfect way to get your weanee’s eating this handy little super food. Baked, sliced and pureed! Look out for the food hack at the end!

(Did you spot the oven glove? ?)

METHOD for baked rings

♡Preheat the oven to 180

♡Core the apples

♡Slice into 1cm slices

♡Pop in water with a splash of lemon

♡Line a baking tray with baking paper

♡Pat dry the apples and lay on the baking tray

♡Cook for 50mins turning once.

METHOD for puree

♡Core and peel the apple

♡Cut into chunks

♡Add to a pan and cover with water

♡Cook for 10-15minute

♡Mash with a fork

♡Optional – combine with a stewed pear or add cinnamon

METHOD for the food hack

♡Cut a hashtag around the core of the apple

♡Wrap an elastic band