Lifesaving Grape Food Hack

 It’s a time saving, lifesaving Grape Food Hack!

It’s a time saving, lifesaving Grape Food Hack! And one to share with anyone who feeds little people especially those who love those sweet little balls of goodness – grapes.

Grape Food Hack LIVE video

There have been too many incidents of children choking on grapes, and our hearts go out to all the families who have been affected by this.

Not everyone knows that grapes are the perfect shape to get lodged in a child’s oesophagus. Therefore they MUST be cut in half (length ways). The same can be said for cherry tomatoes. It’s something that is so important to be aware of and can happen in the blink of an eye if they’re not cut up properly.  We’d even go as far as quartering cherry tomatoes and the rounder of grapes.

So this lifesaving Grape Food Hack shows you how to cut multiple grapes all at once to save you time. Simply lay all the grapes on an upturned plate, lay another plate on top (the right way up) and use a ​serrated ​knife to cut between the two. Within seconds you’ll have cut LOTS of grapes to feed your little ones. Try it with cherry tomatoes and save yourself lots of time next time you’re preparing a salad.


This food hack will not only save you time but could also save a life. Please do share the knowledge with anyone who is responsible for feeding children.

There are plenty of first aid classes that would give you the confidence to know how to respond if you were faced with a choking baby or child and I can fully recommend taking one. Please take 40 seconds to watch this video, it might be the best thing you ever did.

You can find first aid courses in your area  here and here

Don’t forget you can also use grapes to cool your wine! They really are all purpose balls of goodness. Have a look at our handy food cooling hack on Facebook for more amazing hacks to cool down your baby’s food (or your wine) in a hurry.