FOOD HACK – Strawberries yum yum!

Food hack alert!

We hate waste here at The Happy Weaner, especially if it’s of yummy food! So, here’s a video for how to get the most strawberry from your strawberry. This food hack also involves shooting the core out of the straw which was also a hit with bigger kids too!

This was our first ever LIVE food hack!…..can you tell from the sporadic nervous laughter???

We had a whale of a time going LIVE but OMG we were blooming nervous!!!

In the video we shared how to core a strawberry with a straw. It means you get more strawberry for your money and it’s fun, especially when you fire out the core afterwards.

Strawberries are full of goodness and a great sweet flavour for the babies and toddlers. They’re a great source of vitamin C like our good old friend, the orange.

You can simply serve whole or cut into quarters to get the finger food size. Alternatively, you can puree them into a smooth consistency, which is nice on it’s own or added to their porridge.

Send us any food hacks you want us to try out for our next live stream. Let us be the guinea pigs of the kitchen.

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