5 Top Tips for Teething – Featuring Matchstick Monkey

Does Teething EVER End!!!


It feels like the boys have been teething their whole lives, which technically isn’t far from the truth. Most children have a full set of 20 gnashers by the time they’re three, so we’ve still got a way to go…..agggghhhhh!!! At almost two years in, here’s our five tips for teething.


5 Top Tips for Teething – Featuring Matching Monkey


  1.  ICE, ICE BABY – Frozen Foods

    Filling an ice lolly mould with Greek yoghurt, milk or the juice from some fresh fruits has always gone down well on swollen gums. Even just chewing on some frozen fruits like raspberries can ease the pain. I’ve been known to give little man frozen peas before now….in fact I do it all the time.

  2. Chill out – Pop the teething toy in the fridge

    Part of the beauty of the Matchstick Money is that it’s tail makes it sit up. Therefore they can chill out on the fridge shelf with the ketchup until they’re needed. Then your little one can chew away to their hearts content.

    The matchstick monkey sitting cooling in the fridge ready to be used as a chiilled teething companion

  3.  Go hard or go home – Chomping on hard food

    As you know when you have a teething child they will chew on ANYTHING, and I mean ANYTHING! I regularly find myself saying things like “Stop eating your dads shoe!", “You can’t chew my toes" and “Stop eating the kitchen table". They’re just trying to find something hard to chew on. So you can replace the shoe with something hard like a carrot stick, bread stick or teething biscuits, that’ll do the job nicely.

  4. Dr’s Orders – Teething gels and Crystals

    Sometimes it all gets a bit too much for the littles and they need a little help from some herbal or medical gels or crystals. One of the key design features of the Matchstick Monkey is the silicone toothbrush style bristles. These hold the teething gels in place, targeting the pain relief to exactly where it’s needed…WINNER!

    matchstick monkey teething crystals 5 top tips for teething

  5. All you need is love – Have a little Cuddle

    If all else fails and they just can’t settle there is no better medicine than a great BIG HUG!

If you have any other tips for teething then do share the love and let us all know over on Facebook.

So what is a matchstick monkey?

two matchstick monkey teething toys resting on a table.

If you’ve ever tried to feel for the back teeth or attempted to rub teething gel onto the back gums you’ll know all about the fear you have for your fingers and hope that all your digits make it out alive.

Well, a parent just like you and I had one too many bites so she set out to design a teething toy that you could apply the teething granules or gels directly on to, targeting the pain relief and saving your fingers….And so Matchstick Monkey was born.

We were lucky enough to be sent a couple of Matchstick Monkeys and here are our thoughts.

Honesty is the best policy – our Review

We really like these little guys, as someone who used to want a pet monkey as a child I was always going to have a soft for them I suppose.

They’re just quite cool looking and the colours you can pick from are fab. We went for a blue and grey one but it took us ages to choose which ones we wanted.

Matchstick Monkey teething toy 5 top tips for teething with the happy weaner

Admittedly Theo doesn’t really suffer with his teeth (Lucky Lucy) and therefore didn’t use the Monkey for it’s main purpose. He did however really take to the little guy and kept taking him to play where ever he was even giving him a little play in the sand…nothing a little wash in the sink / dishwasher wouldn’t solve. He also loved sitting him on the edge of anything he could find.

Matchstick monkey being washed and in the sand being played with by one of the happy weaner boys

Theo (Lucy) also found another use for him and used him as a toothbrush, popping a bit of toothpaste on the end and letting Theo chew away…genius! We all know the struggle of tooth brushing #thestruggleisreal

Finley on the other hand does struggle with his teeth and instinctively started chewing on ‘Murray’ straight away. He shoved him right to the back of his mouth where the latest invaders are coming through. He’s always had another teething toy who goes by the name Sophie but was never that fussed. Murray on the other hand was easier to hold, with the looped arms and he loved pinging the tail.

The matchstick monkey being chewed on for the happy weaner 5 top tips for teething list

On that note, I’m a worrier. Daddy Weaner says I have an overactive imagination. I tend to think the worst and then at least I’m prepared, terrible I know. So when I first saw the Monkeys I noticed the tail and worried about it being pulled off in their mouth. Being the worrier I am and knowing that some of you may share my anxious mind I gave Murray’s tail a right good pull and I think only the Avocado Baby could pull it off…  Lucy just gave me a slap on the back and told me to stop worrying so much, haha.

They’re a great little size, perfect for small hands and for the change bag. As Theo was quite taken by his new friend he came with us to the cafe and enjoyed sitting on the edge of the plate.

matchstick monkey teething toy perched on a plate of food being eaten by a toddler

We really like these little guys and can recommend them to you lovely lot. They’re £9.99 and you can check them out here.

Hopefully you found the tips for teething helpful and fancy having your own little Monkey. If so, don’t forget to share this with any of your friends who might have their own dribbling, red cheeked baby, chewing on the kitchen table.