Trains, planes and …pigs!

Looks who’s two!

Would you Adam and Eve it, well, Finley and Theo it!

T H E  B O Y S  A R E  T W O ! ! !

To be honest, the first year seemed to last a lifetime as you’re finding your feet and adjusting to life as a ‘responsible’ adult. The second year however has FLOWN by!!!

To celebrate the boys turning the big two we took them for a pub lunch (we’ve done enough cooking over the last couple of years) but this was no ordinary pub, no, no, no.

This is the pub where you can see trains, planes and …..pigs!!! It’s out in Mobberley, Cheshire. From our houses in Manchester it took us about 40 minutes but we found out, when we got there, that you could hop on a train from Stockport and get dropped off just up the road. That would have added to the adventure.

Play time

We were very lucky with the weather as it was sunny and warm enough for us to play and eat outside. The outdoor area here is a kids dream. There’s an awesome play area big enough for the boys to have a climbing frame each!

There are plenty of well-loved outdoor toys including scooters for all sizes and even a ride on tractor. The boys were entertaining themselves for ages as we deliberated over what food to order…. It was a tough choice!

Yum, Yum, Yum!

The cooks clearly take a lot of pride in their food and rightly so. Finley’s homemade spaghetti Bolognese didn’t last very longs as he wolfed it down and as for our chili nachos well, lets just say they didn’t have enough time to cool down.


In between courses the boys went to meet the pigs at the bottom of the garden. They loved watching them eat and getting up close to them. Just as we were walking back up to the football nets a horse appeared in the field next door and I felt the need to burst into ‘Old McDonald had a farm’.

The boys finished on an ice cream cone and did a spot of plane spotting as the pub is quite near to Manchester airport.

All aboard

As if all this wasn’t enough we then took the two minute stroll to the bottom of the car park to the train station. The barrier lights started flashing and the barrier came down before a huge freight train whizzed by. The boys were in their element.

see you again soon

We were only there for an hour or so but it felt like we’d fitted so much in. The staff were blooming lovely and made us feel right at home.

The Railway Inn is a cracking place to take the littles if, like us, you need a break from the kitchen and want to treat the kids to an outdoor adventure.

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